Alternating Currents


The first three "Alternating Currents " recordings, written and realized by Doc and then-partner Tom Jellison during a period of time after the Bob'nDoc era and overlapping the Wyrx era by a year or so, were actually recorded on a fairly primitive array of gear (Ensoniq 8-bit sampling keyboard, Peavey-manufactured analog 4-track, 6-channel cassette recorder, the core of the system). The tracks from these recordings that are linked to this page were carefully transcribed from the original cassettes, dropped into the digital domain, and extensively/exhaustively tweaked -- in some cases, to no avail. All tracks from all four albums are included nonetheless. Every time they come up on "shuffle", they get respect. Well, more often than not!
The last album ("Imaginary Echoes") is really the first recording project completely realized in the WP studio: MIDI sketches generated by Tom were played into Digital Performer, and all arrangements, part realizations, solo work, mixing and mastering were done there.
All Alternating Currents recordings are available through this site, burned to order, for $10 plus s/h (with the exception of "Dangerous Visions", which (as a 7-song EP, costs only $8). We accept no major credit cards. If you are unsatisfied with the free downloads and prefer a more robust digital-audio experience, the CDs will give you that. Most of the time, I will rip MP3s, AACs, WAVs, FLACs, or whatever on request because it's flattering when people like our stuff. Donations are welcome, also. And if/when I get 'em, be assured I share 'em with Tom!
(Hint: Not for a LONG time!)
When it comes to MP3's there are a few choices: click to download individual songs from this page, or explore and download the entire DocSide/Alternating Currents catalog from the archive (CD titles below link directly to the master directory; each band, album, and/or song is available at request).
Copyright/compensation issues are up to the conscience of each visitor: this copyrighted material is made available to the public for noncommercial use by express written consent of Windswept Productions because that's what music is for, but that extra dollar WP charges after material costs and shipping on the CDs is important in principle (the CD's do sound better, too!). Because we are uncertain of the intellectual-property implications of making "cover" recordings (which are licensed for a specific number of mechanical reproductions) available for download, none are available from this page.


A Discography

Imaginary Echoes, ©1996 *

Noise PollutionShorty's PlaceSlamaname
SongbirdV.J. DaySkew Ball
Can't Hep MysefTwilitBeer Nuts
Lady Of The LakeRiverviewCircumstantial Evidence
Meaningless BabbleBoxed

Dangerous Visions ©1994

I Dunno | Funk U | Strollin' in the Park
Devoid | Tan Lines
Akchul Pruf | Man w/2 Wives

Mysterious Odors ©1993

Call My Name | Memories of Heaven (Suite) | Coffee and Danish (Alone)
Give a Little | Ill and Annoyed (in Illinois) | CitiSong
Causal Conversation | High Life | Windswept

Curious Textures, ©1992

Lay It Down | What You Do To Me | Bluetown Traveler
Peculiar | Bad Men | Half Life | Can't Win
Booz Blooz | Rainbow (© Ken Hogan) | Another Length of Pipe
Gigi | I Am | Breakin' Out | Fleeting Thoughts