Bob & Doc


Bob'n'Doc and the Subatomic Electronic Orchestra, Chowder and Marching Society
Yes, that was the duo's official name. We began playing together as part of the Sounds Of Southern show band in Gatlinburg, TN (Bobby was the music director) and after that establishment closed its doors, Bob relocated to New England and B'n'D began rehearsing. 
Bob'n'Doc gigged from New England to the Rockies, playing lounges 6 hours a night and six nights a week for 6 months at a stretch. The final repertoire was in excess of 350 full arrangements, and we could perform scores more on request. After the duo disbanded Bob returned first to Tennessee and then, eventually, to Baton Rouge where, reunited with his last wife, he continued to perform in riverboat casinos until he passed away several years later. 
As an exercise in respect and nostalgia, Windswept Productions has gone through the Bob'n'Doc archives -- all digitally recorded in live venues across the country, directly from the sound board -- cleaned them up, and compiled them onto 8 audio CDs. If any friends of Bobby's -- especially his widow, who we have been unable to locate -- come across this page, we'd be happy to duplicate them on request! In the meantime... there are a few links below the picture, and there will eventually be a page linking to all of the catalog.
(From left):Bob Gerych (Vocals, Keyboards, MIDI programming),
Doc Gordon (Vocals, Guitars, MIDI programming)