The DocSide


The DocSide 
The "DocSide" recordings, written and realized over a four-year period from 1997 to 2001, were convenient therapy during a brief "retirement" from live performance. 
These three CDs from The DocSide ( "tree, part 1", Windburn Records, CD0007), ("x10",Windburn Records, CD0006" and "More....From The DocSide", CD0001) join remastered versions of all four Alternating Currents CD's in the Windburn Records catalog.
All are available through this site, burned to order, for $10 plus s/h (with the exception of "Dangerous Visions", which, as a 7-song EP, costs only $8 and "tree, part 1", which, as an 8-song EP, costs only $9). To reach out to ups for any reason, please use the contact page on this website.
The MP3s linked to this page are available for your entertainment. Copyright/compensation issues are up to the conscience of each visitor: this copyrighted material is made available to the public for noncommercial use by express written consent of Windswept Productions because that's what music is for, but that extra dollar WP charges after material costs and shipping on the CDs is important in principle (the CD's do sound better, too!). Because we are uncertain of the intellectual-property implications of making "cover" recordings (which are licensed for a specific number of mechanical reproductions) available for download, none are available from this page.

tree, part 1©2001

long horizon | funk trap | on and on (Steven Bishop)
testes one, two, three | the eroded man | upsideways ramble
feeling alright (Dave Mason) | bipolar requiem

x10 ©1999

from the hip | buy partisan ship | barefoot
new ones | propheteer | u can cook
times ten | newt
millenolitics | (touch) me monkey

More From The DocSide ©1997, 1998

Back Off | Deltitnu | Quantum Strut
Island Lullaby | Thang One | Akchul Pruf
Half Life | Strange Feelin' (T. Buckley) | Jeftune
Wind Medicine | Bluetown Traveler | Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan)