The Kelly Clark Band


The Kelly Clark Band
KCB was formed as a vehicle for Kelly Clark but its diverse and talented personnel made it far more than that.
This picture represents the band toward the middle of its run, after original bass player Bob Sumner had left and before eventual bass player John Doyle joined the band.
Shortly after JD joined, Kelly and her soulmate took the Midlife Special to Nashville, got married, and moved there.
The remainder of the band formed the short-lived Blazen.
The demo recordings here featured were recorded in a small studio in North Central Vermont. 
Front row, from left: Rick Leavitt (Drums), Doc Gordon (Vocals, Guitars),
and The Boyfriend from Karaoke World (Vocals) 
Back row, from left: Jim Wilson (Vocals, bass), Deanna Jensen (Vocals),
Kelly Clark (Vocals), Jim Eibner (Pedal Steel) 
Demo Contents: